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Paws On The Move

About Us

We provide a safe, comfortable and stress free journey for your pet with their needs coming first.


Our vehicles are fitted with large spacious cages and pets from the same family can choose to travel together.


Our vehicles are fitted with everything your pet needs and they are used solely for the purpose of animal transportation.


We supply all items needed for the journey including non spill water bowl, food bowl and cat litter tray.


Fresh water and meals are provided throughout the journey and dogs are walked about every 3 hours during the day time for their comfort. We also stop during night time hours for toilet breaks. Cat litter trays are cleaned as and when required.


We know that accidents happen so we carry extra bedding just in case.


We NEVER leave your pet unattended during travel. We make our crossing via EuroTunnel so that we can remain in the vehicle with your pets.


The whole vehicle including bedding is thoroughly cleaned at the end of each journey. We do have toys on board but customers are encouraged to leave a favourite with us for the journey so that your pet has something familiar with them.


We will remain in contact via our Facebook page during the journey and can update you regarding your pet and our location.


We pride ourselves on our comittment to the animals in our care and make the travel as pleasant and stress free as possible for you and your pets.

DEFRA registered


Assisted Travel By Air

We also provide a fully assisted air transportation service.


We will pick your pet up from your collection address and then travel by air to your nearest destination airport.


We will then deliver your pet by car to your delivery address.


All you have to do is get your pet ready for travel and we will do the rest.

Paws On The Move