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Paws On The Move

Please enjoy photographs of some of our foster puppies and dogs we have looked after for Pets In Spain and Last Hope animal charities

And our own fur babies

Story of Bailey


All of our babies are rescues but Bailey is very special to us as we bottle fed him from a very young age.


We had a call one night from a friend who had witnessed a box being thrown from a moving car window. On further inspection she found Bailey inside, very weak and in obvious distress. We collected him and rushed over to our vet Antonio in Guardamar, luckily they are open 24 hours as this was 10 o´clock at night. He looked at Bailey and said you can try to save him but it will take a lot of time and love. Well we were up for the challenge and went home armed with baby milk and a bottle with very little clue as to what we were doing.


When arriving home we made up our first bottle, following the instructions on the packets of milk and thankfully Bailey done the rest, he took to the bottle immediately and fed really well.


Well he is now a healthy, very lively, very mischievious adult cat. He is enourmous and you would never believe the rough start he had in life.


Needless to say we love him to bits!!!



Story of Blanca


Blanca came to us some years ago now when I went to our vets to get Billy groomed. The vet said ¨I´ve been waiting for you¨.


He asked me if I would take a Persian cat that had been handed into them as no longer wanted. When I returned to pick up Billy I said yes, OF COURSE haha. He said come and collect her tomorrow.


Well as you can see what awaited me was one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. How could anyone not want her?


I got her home and settled in but over the next few weeks I noticed that her belly was swollen. I suspected babies and I was not wrong. I took her back to the vet for a check up and he confirmed four babies.


Well, they say cats are supposed to just ´go off´and do their stuff but she is not just any cat haha.


One Saturday morning when I was getting a lay in, at about half eight, she jumped onto the bed, laid in my arms and started pushing. Not wanting the birth on my bed I gently picked her up and moved her into the childs travel cot I had prepared as a den for her.


She never did a thing!!!! I had to break them out of their membranes, rub them with towels to start them breathing and even cut the cords. In other words I done the messy bit haha but she was a great Mum and they were beautiful kittens that all went to loving homes.


She is still very Mumsy and when I bought Bailey home apart from the feeding she took over and I am sure it is down to her partly that he survived.

Paws On The Move